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Data Is The New Gold. Learn How To Leverage On Analytics In Any Job Role, Business, Or Products.

Impacting Individuals By Empowering Them With High Income Skillsets. Find Out How We Helped Thousands Of Individuals And Organizations Gain A Competitive Edge In Their Careers And Businesses.

Free Data Analytics Webinar:

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Here’s What You Can Expect To Learn

Be prepared for a content packed Data Analytics Webinar.


Real business case studies utilizing 360-degree Analytics to solve business problems in various industries and job roles such as Human Resource, Finance, Logistics, Retail, Entrepreneurs, Social Media, etc.


The ultimate 6 Step Framework to tackle any business problem using Data Analytics.


Uncover the skills roadmap of utilizing data analytics to gain an edge in your career or business.


Live demonstration of analytics tools such as social media text mining, Tableau Visualization Techniques, and many more.

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Meet Your Coach

Emmanual is frequently invited to events and dialogues to speak about using Big Data and Data Analytics to enhance work processes and improve efficacy of the workforce.

Previously from the Waste Recycling Industry and currently an Exco member in the Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore (WMRAS), Emmanual helped to drive innovation and digital transformation in the industry. He introduced Big Data Analytics in the work and process flow of Waste and Recycling companies, and is instrumental in the digital transformation of the industry.

Emmanual Tay

Data Analyst & Co-Founder

Act 01


To kick off the Data Analytics Webinar and for you to know the trainer and the academy.

Act 2

Data Analytics and Digitalization

Exploration of the impact of digitalization and what is Data Analytics.

Act 3

What Is Big Data?

Concepts of Big Data, the advantages of using Big Data and Business Intelligence applications

Act 4

Case Studies

Case studies and the impact of analytics on businesses

Act 5

Live Demonstration

This is where we start doing the live demonstration.

Act 6

Analytics Framework

The ultimate 6 Step Analytics Framework to tackle any business problems.

Act 7

GPS To Success

The skill roadmap of a data analyst and how to achieve success in this domain.

Linus Ng,

Standard & Compliance Manager

“I came from a ZERO knowledge background and did not know anything about coding or even data analysis. I am able to gain hands-on experience and more work application examples.”

Break Away From The Hamster Wheel And Start Applying Data Analytics In Your Career Or Business

You Don’t Have Much Time Left. Registration Closes Exactly…