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Data Analytics For Finance Preview Session

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Thrive In Tomorrow's Digital Finance Era.

Here's what you will be able to achieve from the course:

The analytical approach applicable to finance and accounting functions.

Utilise data to glean information that contributes to sound planning and improve the overall performance of the organisation.

Ability to apply analytics and algorithms in various business scenarios.

Evolve from being an enabler function to a business partner role and provide strategic insights which could impact all functions of the business.

Improve predictions and support decision making.

Leverage on data to gain a deeper knowledge of key trends in the business and take action to improve the performance.

Utilize in-demand skills to leverage and solve modern-day financial problems.

Learn how to fully optimize the fundamentals, types and tools of analytics in finance to enhance efficiency when it comes to handling tax, treasury and risk.

The session will take around 15-20 minutes which includes understanding your current needs, and providing personalized advice for you to help you succeed faster.

Something Special From Us…

We feel your drive and eager to succeed in tomorrow’s digital world, and we want to help… We will gift you complimentary access to the first chapter of our Applied Statistics For Data Analytics w/ Python Examples self-paced learning course during the preview session.

A little something from us to help you get started and succeed with data analytics.

First Chapter Content Includes

Chapter 1: Data Visualization

Section 1.1 What is Data?

Section 1.2 Basics

Section 1.3 Python for data visualization

Section 1.4 Data Frames

Section 1.5 Bar Charts

Section 1.6 Pie Charts

Section 1.7 Scatter Plots

Section 1.8 Line Charts

Section 1.9 Data Visualization Examples