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Here’s What You Can Expect To Learn

Key Point #1

Real business case studies utilizing 360-degree Analytics to solve business problems in various industries and job roles such as Human Resource, Finance, Logistics, Retail, Entrepreneurs, Social Media, etc.

Key Point #2

The ultimate 6 Step Framework to tackle any business problem using Data Analytics.

Key Point #3

Uncover the skills roadmap of utilizing data analytics to gain an edge in your career or business.

Key Point #4

Live demonstration of analytics tools such as social media text mining, Tableau Visualization Techniques, and many more.

Be prepared for a content packed Data Analytics Webinar.

Something Special From Us…

We feel your drive and eager to succeed in tomorrow’s digital world, and we want to help… We will gift you complimentary access to the first chapter of our Applied Statistics For Data Analytics w/ Python Examples self-paced learning course after the webinar session.

A little something from us to help you get started and succeed with data analytics.

First Chapter Content Includes

Chapter 1: Data Visualization

Section 1.1 What is Data?

Section 1.2 Basics

Section 1.3 Python for data visualization

Section 1.4 Data Frames

Section 1.5 Bar Charts

Section 1.6 Pie Charts

Section 1.7 Scatter Plots

Section 1.8 Line Charts

Section 1.9 Data Visualization Examples