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This is the Predictive Analytics Video Guide Page. Click on the video guide below to follow through the demonstration.

Predictive Analytics Video Guide

DO NOT watch this if you have not attended the webinar as you will most probably be lost in the entire context of the exercise. We would strongly recommend you to register for the live webinar session first.

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Has Your Training Been Worthwhile?

You have 2 options to go about picking up analytics skillsets.

Option 1

Take what we’ve taught you here today, stumble around the World Wide Web and hope that you can figure it out on your own.

Option 2

You can be coached and mentored through the entire process. Let industry experts play a role in your learning journey and work with you to help you achieve this for yourself.

Key Questions To Ask Yourself

Do you like this approach of training which has…

Real business case studies to work on analytics skills.

Ready to use and easily editable scripts to perform analytics functions.

Live over-the-shoulder step by step guidance.

If you answer YES to the points above…

Then we would like to help you…

Introducing the…

Wiley Certified Data Analyst Course

In this data analytics course by Wiley, you will learn how to handle and derive actionable insights from data. Class focus on practical applications of data analytics so you start gaining experience in applying data analytics to real life situations even before getting certified.

Real-World Application

Blended Course Structure

International Certification

Suitable For All Individuals

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